Gouda has a very active international group with more than 100 members. Our members live mainly in the Gouda area but we also have regulars from Alphen and even Utrecht. We come from a wide range of countries but English is the language we speak at our group meetings/activities.

 Friday night meet up (main group event) 

This is a monthly event in a cafe in the centre of town. It is a chance to meet up and have a chat. We usually have between 20 + people.

 Coffee in town 

Once a month we meet on a Wednesday morning for coffee in town. Children are welcome too of course.

 Dinners including Dutch partners 

We try to organise dinners a couple of times a year – and on these evenings you can bring your Dutchie along!

 Random activities 

Members are free to organise or suggest activities which include the whole group. So far we’ve had book swap evenings, a Book club, and trips to the movies. Facebook group Most of our communication is done via our facebook group. We have a discussion board which is a great place if you are looking for help or information, have suggestions or just want to share something with everyone. You can see who all the other members are which makes it easy to contact each other. All event invitations are also sent via this system.


We are constantly surprised how many expats there are around Gouda! Interested in joining us?

You can email Esther at: goudaexpats@yahoo.com

Or go to: Facebook - DutchieGouda